Past Wheeler Lectures

Topic Speaker Date Event Extras
"Seeing the forest for the streams: Managing the impacts of land use and climate change on local watersheds” Dr. Marcia Macedo
Associate Scientist and Director of the Water Program at the Woodwell Climate Research Center
July 18, 2021 Wheeler Lecture
"The Wild, Wild Depths" Dr. James Bellingham
Director of the Center for Marine Robotics at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
July 21, 2019 Wheeler Lecture
“Ocean Plastics Pollution from Quissett Harbor to the 'Garbage Patches': Sources, Impacts and Solutions” Kara Lavender Law, Ph.D.
Research Professor of Oceanography
Sea Education Association
July 22, 2018  Wheeler Lecture
“Climate Change and Cape Cod: What Do We Know? What Can We Do?” Dr. John P. Holdren
Science Adviser to President Obama
Director of White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)
July 23, 2017
“Sea level rise and coastal change: Adapting to challenging times” Juliet Simpson, Ph.D.
Coastal Ecologist with the MIT Sea Grant College Program
July 17, 2016  Wheeler Lecture
"From Woods Hole to the Deep Sea: Living in a Microbial World"
Dr. Julie Huber
Associate Scientist and Associate Director, Josephine Bay Paul Center
Marine Biological Laboratory
July 22, 2015 2015 Wheeler Lecture
"Restoring Falmouth’s Impaired Estuaries"
Eric Turkington
Chairman of the town’s
Water Quality Management Committee
July 17, 2014 2014 Wheeler Lecture
event photos
"Woods Hole Squid Advances Alzheimer's Research"
Joseph DeGiorgis
Adjunct Scientist, Cellular Dynamics Program 
Marine Biological Laboratory
July 25, 2013
"Oil Spill Crises: Scientists Leave the Ivory Tower"
Christopher M. Reddy
Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
July 24, 2012
"Radiology of Patient Earth with Radar Eyes
 in the Sky"

Josef Kellndorfer, Ph.D.
Associate Scientist, 
Woods Hole Research Center
July 12, 2011 event photos
"Falmouth's Wastewater Future: The Science 
Behind the Arguments"
Christopher Neill, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Ecosystems Center, Marine
Biological Laboratory
July 27, 2010
"Voyages In Neptune's Realm: Secrets Of The Deep Undersea" Dave Gallo, Ph.D.
Director of Special Projects, Wood Hole Oceanographic
July 23, 2009 event photos

"Fire and Ice: A Climate Change Tale"

Jerry M. Melillo, Ph.D.
Co-Director, The Ecosystems Center
Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA
August 27, 2008 event photos

"Preserving Quissett Harbor and the Knob"

Mark Robinson
Executive Director
The Compact for Cape Cod Conservation Trusts
August 29, 2007 event photos



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