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At our Annual Meeting in June, we celebrated a great year for our Quissett Community. We introduced our contractors to our members and thanked them for their incredibly excellent work on the Knob. And it was great fun to see everyone after such a trying year.

Below, you’ll see a link to our seven-page summary of past projects and our vision for future investments on the Knob and in our Quissett Community. We hope you’ll consider making a pledge to get us over the top. We really want to get broad participation from our entire Quissett community, so please join in.

View Building Resources for Responsible Stewardship PDF

We’ve set a challenging goal to raise one million dollars over the next 4 years. Happily, we now have pledges and contributions for more than $800K. Our Board has pledged $310K and as you’ll see from the attached presentation, we have already received more than $230K in donations from families who have recently joined our community and did not participate in previous campaigns.

Andy Zimmerman is heading up this Capital Campaign. His committee includes Laura Morse, Lisa Bernstein, and Martha Bennett. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a pledge or donation, please contact me, or Andy Zimmerman or any of the members of our Capital Campaign Committee. We hope to have this campaign wrapped up by Labor Day weekend. Our expectation is that this campaign will responsibly fund the capital needs of our Preservation Trust for the next 10 years.

Again, my thanks for your participation and stewardship for our Quissett community.


Randy Evans, President   randy@lighthouselacrosse.org

Andy Zimmerman, Campaign Chair  andrewzimmerman666@gmail.com

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